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As a commercial property building consultancy we have worked with Chris Mitchell for nearly 20 years on a variety of commercial projects throughout the UK. The length of the relationship speaks volumes. In today’s changing market clients more than ever require a contractor with the ability, competence and resource to deliver projects on time, to the correct standard and to budget. Chris has an exemplary record of achievement and the volume of repeat business we have completed collectively is a clear demonstration of his skills and achievement. Quality always sells itself.

David Woods – Partner – Woodfellows LLP

quick turnaround

Generate Income as early as possible

Dilapidations works for landlords have formed a large part of workload and expertise over the years.
We recognise the importance of a quick turnaround of works to enable the landlord to commence either marketing or leasing the property to generate income as early as possible to increase the yield and add potential to their portfolio whether long term or short-term investments.
We offer a full spectrum of services ranging from Site clearance, Refurbishments, Decoration services, flooring both resin and applied vinyl/carpet, cladding work to both facades and roofs, Mechanical and Electrical services etc. in values ranging from small to medium sized schemes.

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We offer a full spectrum of services ranging from


Site clearance




Decoration services


Flooring both resin and applied vinyl/carpet


Cladding work to both facades and roofs


Mechanical and Electrical services


... and more !

In values ranging from small to medium sized schemes.

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